Google Pixel 3 A is Leaked By Google Accidentally

The google pixel 3 which was to be launched on Google’s traditional month October but looks like Google has accidentally leaked it. The official website of Google posted this and removed it quickly. The Google pixel 3a is said to be a lite version of Pixel 3 device which is a hit in the market as of now. Even though the official Google page has taken down all the information but the screenshots are circulating around.

All the information is from the unnamed reports and is rumoured one everyone has to wait until Google gives any official confirmation of the device or else we have to wait until the release of this device on Google I/O developer conference in May.

No particular specification or price or any kind of information hasn’t known only the name of the device is only confirmed still more details yet to be confirmed but if the news is true then this is definitely a great news to all the pixels fans as they get to buy the budget-oriented Pixel smartPhone. The expected leaks from the experts or sources are given below.

12MP Camera

2,915mAh Battery

8MP front facing Camera

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