There Can Be Ban On Social Media Firms By UK Over Destructive Content

Reports claim that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter may get a ban in the UK if anyone posts dangerous content or unsafe content under the new laws placed by the UK government. If they even don’t remove any harmful content on their social media firms then initially they have to pay the penalty or else their accounts may get banned.

The UK Government is taking all possible measures to ensure peace and harmony in the people and the new laws say that if the social platforms fail to sensitise or sanitise their platform then their platforms may be removed from the search engines.

The UK home secretary land is taking all these safety measures because of the live streaming done on Christchurch attack in Newzealand, In fact, the video was deleted but it was spread to many people through social platforms and everyone know how these social platforms influence people, so to prevent all these The UK security land is very strict regarding the harmful content or the content that spreads hatred in the world.

All the social media platforms like facebook, twitter have been subjected to the accusation of allowing the live stream video, cyber bullying etc.

New laws have been imposed on all the social media sites if they fail to protect the harmful content then they will suffer for the consequences and the UK targets to hold all the social media sites liable for the toxic content that can be child abuse or any other reason.

The head of Facebook UK Rebecca said that new safety measures should be taken so that they can balance both protecting society and encouraging creativity.

The British prime minister Theresa said all the companies should take responsibilities for their respective platforms in order to protect people from hatred and their safety. Do follow our website for latest news and updates.


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