Canon EOS Rebel SL3 WIth Eye Detection Auto Focus DSLR Camera Launched

Canon launches the brand new Canon EOS Rebel SL3 DSLR camera today and this Rebel SL3 camera is the smallest as well as lightest(448 grams) camera till date as claimed by the company. The camera features 4K video recording, Digic 8 processor with 3- inch touch screen monitor, It has 5fps bust shooting along with WI-FI connectivity. The Digic 8 processor is said to increase the performance of Auto Focus.

One of the best features is eye detection autofocus that gets you accurate 1080p videos additionally a 4K time-lapse video recording option is also enabled. This is Canon’s first model that supports eye detection Auto Focus within the budget. The prices are yet to know but expected to be 600$ but this may vary though. Very soon this DSLR camera gonna hit to the retail stores.

One more interesting feature is you can share your images or transfer them through built-in Bluetooth support to any of your smartphones( can transfer to both Android and iOS devices) or tablets and the battery would be better which can be expected that an average of 1,700 can be captured with a full charge.

The smooth skin mode is awesome just similar to portrait mode in smartphones where you can blur the background of the person. Looks like this camera gives an edge to edge competition to other cameras present in the market, by comparing to all these specs the budget set was good.

Another camera similar to this one has launched today Canon EOS 250D which has some similar features like HDMI, USB ports, Wi-Fi support, 4K recording, weighs 449 grams less than EOS Rebel SL2 model and the price of this camera is expected to be roughly 533$.

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