Acer’s Helios 700 gaming notebook And Acer Chromebook 715 Launched Today

chromebook 715

Acer has launched an outstanding gaming laptop Helios 700 today, This is an amazing gaming laptop you have ever seen. The features of this laptop include NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 GPU, Intel’s forthcoming 9th generation CPU and a detachable keyboard. One of the most interesting features of this gaming laptop is a glass type of trackpad, it is amazing all the gestures work well but the most favourite thing is the keyboard with lots of customizations where you change colour or particular key lightings where you can choose any colour and if you don’t need it then just turn them off and the fan present at top also lights up in your favourite colours.

helios 700 keyboard

The performance of this laptop is really great with the 32GB RAM while playing games in ULTRA mode and the heating issues are minimal as the temperatures are a little bit high after a certain time and the remaining things like screen speakers all of them work very well. The predator Helios 700 be around 2700$.

The next thing Acer launched today is Chromebook 715 which has a very sleek and premium design that sturdy metallic build looks absolutely stunning and the Acer Chromebook 715 may be configured with i5 processor 8th generation with and a USB type C port, The laptop also has fast data exchange facility and shockproof feature. The Chromebook 715 is said to be more durable and have the capacity to withstand many drops, The laptop also has a fingerprint scanner for more security alongside the trackpad comes with gorilla glass 3 protection.

The storage of this device would be three different variants most probably the three storage variations are 32GB, 64GB or 128GB and in case of the price the device would be expected to have 549$ which is 8GB RAM + 32GB storage variant and 16GB RAM variant would be a little bit higher than the above one, The prices vary from one place to the other place so please make sure to check prices in different regions. Acer also launched the Chromebook 714 which has similar configurations of 715. Both the devices have 15.6-inch full HD display with awesome visibility and very slim bezels.

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