Apple To Break Down iTunes in the Next OS Update

iTunes has created a benchmark for all the iPhone users in the past years but looks like Apple wants users to get the best experience so they are working to combine music, TV, podcasts in one particular app so that users can save a lot of space and time.

The reports say that by moving these apps at one place saves the time of developers and resources, users will also get benefitted because they get all the apps combined at one place and the new reports say that coming update macOS 10.15 is likely to add music, TV apps and by doing this Apple will have a better experience on all the devices and some reports say that the next update would still have iTunes for the purpose of synchronization on all the Apple devices( old versions).

Apple has taken this drastic step in order to increase their user’s performance and have better experience to their customers, some people will like it and some people gonna be annoyed and it depends on how the combined apps look like so until that everyone has to wait for the Apple’s next update. There are some more changes in the next further update but that things haven’t known as of now this apps collaboration is the only thing known.

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