PUBG Mobile New Update (0.12) Will Be Released Soon That Include Darkest Night Mode, Cross Hair Mode Features

PUBG has now become the most popular game across the world and many of them are actually addicted to that game, Recently new season has arrived season 6 which is basically related to PUBG’s First Anniversary and it is soon to end now, This season had lots of modes like zombie mode(event mode), vikendi etc, there were also new guns added to the game.

Now PUBG is going to roll out the next update soon that is version 0.12 as revealed by Tencent and according to them the new update of battle royale game is expected to be in next week  and this time you will see Darkest Night Mode which will be more interesting than the present Dark Mode, In zombie mode players can solely kill the zombie hordes or team up with the squad and kill them.

The new update has some other features too.

Darkest Night Mode – This mode consists of a toxic gas wherein players have to team up or play solo to survive until the gas evacuation.

Survival 2.0 – This is a modified version of Resident Evil 2 which has a unique ballistic armoury and new gruesome ghouls.

The red dot and other scopes will have the option to change the colour and size of the scopes and a spectator mode wherein you can spectate your friends or clan members.

The new PUBG update brings a lot more features just similar to the last update that has weather changes in Erangal, Miramar as well as the Anniversary fireworks during the match etc. With the new update, the players will have a better chance of winning awesome vouchers or win crate coupons etc. So that was about the next Update but it is in Beta mode, it is most likely to take one month time after that full version will be out, Stay updated with all the news and updates related to tech by just following our website

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