FaceBook, WhatsApp And Instagram Were Down Couple Of Hours For Some Users Across The World

The most favourite and most used apps these days are undoubtedly facebooked, WhatsApp, Instagram around 1.5 billion people use Facebook daily and the remaining social media apps WhatsApp, twitter etc. These days many people were facing a lot of issues across these three social media platforms because of Server Down issues.

The most popular tracking website downdetector.com displayed that the people who are reporting issues to Facebook are about 9000 or more than that and according to this tracking site it all started at 6:30 pm, At this point of time Facebook had Breakdown issues.

Even the other social media apps WhatsApp, Instagram also faced a lot of issues but not more than the Facebook ones even many users showed their frustration on Twitter.


Many other people have also reacted and a popular news site Daily mirror also posted regarding this on twitter, just have a look at that tweet below.

And many other people have also reacted, The downdetector.com displayed that the issues have been rising mostly are both Asia as well as Europe and this was not the first time Facebook has experienced as they experienced very long outages during March and many users can’t access their accounts for about 24 hours.

These issues will create a large impact on facebook and facebook would  face a large amount of loss because on a day facebook get 1.5 billion visits and if it is down for a day will get a huge loss even if it is for a small amount of time even then Facebook has to bear the loss

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