Unauthorised Access To Emails, Microsoft Alerts Of Cyber Attack

As per the Reports, Microsoft warns all the users regarding the cyber attack issue as there was unauthorized access to some emails by cybercriminals. This has now become a serious problem and many people are facing it. Microsoft warned their webmail users that the cybercriminals are accessing their accounts illegally.

They also said the some of the Microsoft agent credentials has been enabling to access your information within the Microsoft account outside of the Microsoft and this has happened between March 1 and March 28 thus allowing the unauthorized people to access your personal information like folder names, list of emails for which you can bear a huge loss.

The Software giant said even though they access illegally the information in the attached documents can’t be read or viewed but still some people are affected as of now there are many Microsoft didn’t provide a specific number and the company itself feels sorry for the affected people and the inconvenience caused to people in this issue.

However, as soon as they got to know about all this they instantly removed all the compromised credentials so that they can’t be affected furthermore and prevent unauthorized access. The company is being very sorry to the people who are affected they told the users to reset their email passwords and Microsoft is trying their best to protected their cyber attack victims so that they give them better security to their email accounts and some reports say that the company has called for its data protection officer

The companies must make their customer’s information more secure, develop the apps with the intention to provide greater security and we must now make 2-factor authentication so that we can prevent these cyber attacks which are done by anyone, anywhere in the world, Follow our website for latest news and updates related to tech https://technoprotocol.com/


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