OnePlus 7 Display And Phone Colour Image Leaked

oneplus 7

The Next OnePlus series i.e OnePlus 7 is soon going to hit the markets as the company has set up May 14th as the official launch of OnePlus next  Smartphone OnePlus 7. As everyone knows OnePlus is launching other smartphones too OnePlus 7 Pro etc but as of now the leaked picture of OnePlus 7 shows that the device has a very sleek design with awesome viewing angles.

By looking at the leaked picture we can see the complete infinity display with very thin bezels and a Never Settle Icon. The back has a Nebula Blue Colour with a triple camera and a flashlight just below that. As you can see the front side of the device doesn’t have a selfie camera sensor and this is because of the selfie camera is a popup camera which pops up whenever you want a selfie.

The remaining Specs of this device which are leaked have been mentioned before so visit that post in case if you want the complete description of this device or else just click here one plus 7 leaked specs.

As the reports from the market experts confirm that the device will have a cost of 570$ and other variants could be higher than that. The design looks absolutely dashing OnePlus always amaze their fans with their awesome design and also the features.

OnePlus Fans are very excited to see the brand new OnePlus 7 and other variants and everyone’s eyes are on it, All these leaks are not confirmed, The original specs and design will be revealed on May 14th by the company itself so everyone has to wait for it.

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