OnePlus 7T Complete Review (Full Specs)

oneplus 7T review

About The Launch

OnePlus Launch event was held on 26th September 2019 at New Delhi. Being the top-selling brand of the world OnePlus always evolved in proving that we provide a better smartphone experience for the customer. As the part of OnePlus launch event, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus TV are introduced in India.

Before the launch Cark Pei (Co-Founder of OnePlus) said “We recently opened our R&D center in Hyderabad, we really see Hyderabad’s potential and want to help accelerate its role in becoming a digital innovation hub. So we decided to make it our first site for our first international R&D investment. In the next three years, we’ll be investing 1000 crores into our Hyderabad R&D center, and this investment will go into infrastructure, product development and local talent.”

He then followed talking about the service they provide to their customers saying “Service is something that we’re really focused on because our customers are those who want the best products so it’s only right that we provide a level of customer service that can match our product standards. So we’ve been trialing this in the Bengaluru for the past month offering a two hour repair service right to your door no matter what the issue is our engineers will be there and solve it for you within two hours no one else offers any service like this and before the end of the year we’ll be rolling this out across six cities in India this is what we believe high-end service should be like.”

Let’s now talk about OnePlus 7T.

OnePlus 7T Specs


Its first unique curved design which was launched back in April 2014 with Oneplus 1 was the out of the box idea int the smartphone industry. From there they improved more and more. Coming to OnePlus 7T, it is just 8.1 mm thin and at the edges it tapers to only 3.2 mm which makes it better to hold. The screen size will be 20 by 9 which is narrow than OnePlus 7. On the back, we can see elegant matte frosted glass which is much smoother and is more resistant to fingerprints and smudges. OnePlus 7T comes with a triple camera in a circular design. A curve on the circle’s outer bezel cut out with monocrystalline diamond drills which looks stunning.

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Oneplus 7T comes with an industry-leading fluid display with a 90Hz refresh rate which was introduced with OnePlus 7 Pro. Fluid Display helps customers to experience NO LAG, NO STUTTER and NO BLOATWARE with a fluid and seamless motion design.

The three things about Fluid display are

  1. State-of-the-art AMOLED panel with an industry-leading 90 Hz refresh rate which is 38% more responsive than other Android phones in the market and helps by reducing potentially harmful blue light by 40% making it much easier on eyes.

  2. With fine-tuned performance it makes CPU work according to the application you are using to ensure that you always have a fluid experience.

  3. Animation optimization which makes it look more impressive in its animation style.

OnePlus 7T has a maximum brightness of over 1000 nits which makes the screen really easy to read outdoors. In addition to HDR 10+ support with Amazon Prime video it also has HDR support on YouTube and Netflix.

After launching Reading Mode back in 2017 which makes the screen turn into monochrome to make the customer be able to read the text easily, now they came up with Chromatic Reading mode which desaturates the color rather than going entirely monochromatic.


OnePlus 7T comes with 3 superpower cameras high resolution 48 MegaPixel Main camera, 117-degree Ultra Wide-Angle Camera and a 2X Telephoto Camera. With this camera, you can capture steady and beautiful videos. The interesting feature is Macro Level Photography, where being 2.5 cm away from the object you can create spectacular images. With Ultra-wide Nightscape you can have wonderful images even in low light. It’s a camera that can replace digital cameras with its quality of images.


OnePlus 7T comes with Qualcomm SnapDragon 855+ with new Cryo CPU core clocking up to 2.96 GHz and with a GPU clocking up to 675 MHz. It comes with UFS 3.0 storage which is first to a production smartphone in the world. Coming to charging it comes with 3rd Generation Warp Charge 30T which charges 23% faster. To keep the phone cool while charging, it has a new graphite heat sink pipe which improves the charging system. With the new Haptic motor, you can have a better gaming experience.

Oxygen OS:

  1. Cricket Scores feature lets you know scores of International and IPL matches which makes a Cricket fan much happier.

  2. With Cloud Gallery, we get a 5GB storage and an additional 50GB cloud storage for the first year.

  3. With Work-Life Balance feature one can categorize apps into either Work or Life. It makes the customer concentrate on his work making the apps on Life mode silent. And when you reach home with Wifi turned on, phone switches to Life Mode automatically. Life mode allows you to surf through different apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

  4. In this OS messages are categorized based on the type of content like promotional, OTP related and so on.

  5. International Roaming is cost-effective and can provide offline access

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