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After Android 10 rolling out in many android devices Xiaomi has brought up a new, updated and the next-gen OS MIUI 11 which is a big plus for Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

After its release on October 16th, 2019 MIUI 11 also rolled on few phones already and it’s a great change from previous versions of MIUI. MIUI 11 is the next evolution and comes with the slogan “Life gets Easier”. Let’s quickly look at the features of the new MIUI 11 and the next roll-out dates for Redmi phones.

MIUI 11 Features

Xiaomi has been working on the MIUI 11 for a long period of time, and the latest update brings out a bunch of new features.

1. Minimalistic Design

Xiaomi has concentrated on the inorganic and clumsy design in its previous versions and came up with the ultra-new version of MIUI 11. MIUI 11 comes with a lot more organic and natural design. Apps are designed in a squircle icon shape which makes it way cool. The Settings Menu also got updated by removings the lines between the options and making it look more stylish. MIUI 11 brings you the full-screen experience like never before. With the all-new “Dark Mode” you can experience dark mode in almost every app which is a cool upgrade from its past versions. This upgrade not only makes it work faster but makes UI transition smooth.

2.Always On Mode

Xiaomi came up with an out-of-box idea, Always-On display on supported devices (Redmi K20 series, Mi 9, etc) last year, but with MIUI 11 many new customization options for Ambient Display made this feature a step ahead. The options that you can get from Ambient Display are dynamic clocks on the lock screen, kaleidoscope designs on the lock screen, and not to forget, the ability to type your own text that motivates you. If you like the concept of AoD, this level of customization will make you love MIUI 11 beyond measure.

However, if you are want to disable AoD there is another way of getting notifications which makes the side screen come alive with different patterns. You can enable “Notification light up” animation under the Ambient display Settings. It will light up the corners of your display whenever you will receive a notification. Cool, isn’t it?

3.Mi Share

Back in August, Xiaomi joined hands with Oppo and Vivo, under the “Inter-Transfer Alliance group” to create a superfast file transfer feature.

Mi Share is the next headline feature of MIUI 11 which is very helpful in sharing files across the partnered smartphones. It’s an AirDrop alternative on Android where you can easily share files(photos, files, and documents) within seconds and without any time-consuming pairing process. Xiaomi claims that you can send files locally up to 82 MB/s and that is simply amazing. You can find Mi Share under the “Connection and Sharing” menu on the Settings page. Once implemented across devices, this feature is going to be a game-changer and make file sharing so much easier.

4. Quick Replies

Xiaomi MIUI 11 includes the “Quick Reply” feature that was first introduced in the Android 9 Pie. This will allow users to reply to anyone without directly going to the application. For example, if you watching a nice video on YouTube and you get an important message, you can reply to it as the application will turn into picture-in-picture mode.

5. Mi Work

In order to improve the productivity of users, Xiaomi has overhauled the file manager app by introducing thumbnails of files based on the file type just like on a laptop. You can also preview any document without using additional apps making it a sophisticated document viewer.

Adding to this the To-Do List also got upgraded by making users sync the tasks to Calender. You can also add tasks by a simple voice recording. You can just view the tasks list by swiping right on the Home Screen.

Another new feature is the Picture-in-Picture Calculator which helps in multitasking. The all-new Calculator comes with features like calculating Age, GST, Body Mass Index and lot more.

6. Dynamic Video Wallpapers

Dynamic Video Wallpaper is a kind of unique experience in this new MIUI 11. With MIUI 11, you can set a personal video as both your home and lock screen wallpaper. Whenever you will unlock your device, the video will play in the background just like the live wallpapers. You can also enable the sound, but that would be a stretch. Anyway, you can set dynamic video wallpapers straight from the Gallery app.

7. Mi Life

Since we carry our phones all the time, they are one of the best devices for tracking our activities. MIUI 11 brings a built-in step counter on all Xiaomi devices which works similarly as Google Fit App. MIUI 11 uses the accelerometer on your device and walking pattern to determine your step count. It may not be accurate but lets you know the rough count.

Other than that, for female users, MIUI 11 brings a menstruation cycle tracker within the Calendar app. You can track your menstrual cycle effortlessly and find some helpful tips for better health.

8. New Mint Keyboard

MIUI 11 comes with a new keyboard called Mint and it’s already available in the Google Play Store and Get Apps. Xiaomi has partnered with Bobble keyboard, a start-up company, to bring support for many regional languages. It even supports Indic languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and 25 more. Apart from that, the keyboard is quite feature-rich and has support for transliteration, stickers, and GIFs. Further, it can recommend emojis even in vernacular language so that is great. Translations with transliterations feature help you to send message to someone in different languages and also gives suggestions based on the words too.

Roll-outdates of MIUI 11 on Redmi Phones:

MIUI 11 Roll out Dates

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