Smartphone Industry in this Decade

Smartphone Industry in this Decade(2009-2019) :

There is a lot of trend going on about changes in the decade. So, we decided to make “What changes happened in the smartphone industry in this decade?”. Let’s check out the Smartphone Industry in this decade.

A lot of changes happened in the mobile industry that led to the evolution of the smartphone. From featured phones to smartphones, tiny display to full-screen display, camera to a high-resolution camera and lot more.

Apple’s mark:

With the iPhone release with the newest iOS Operating system, Apple has started making its mark in the smartphone industry. As a result of providing the best operating system and many high-end features in the first smartphone model iPhone 3GS, sales of the iPhone started increasing rapidly. Increasing its standards Apple continuously upgraded its system and thus became a top brand in the industry. Although the cost was high many people started buying it because of its quality. The fun fact is “People considered iPhone owners as rich people”. With the increase in newcomers, Apple shares went down. Price was also a major concern for many users. People considered buying mid-range phones is far better than iPhones.Its latest phone is the iPhone 11Pro.

Samsung evolution:

The smartphone industry is an ever-changing industry that needs to change every quarter. Samsung has evolved as an upgrading brand showing dominance in every aspect. In spite of being an underrated brand, Samsung has grown into one of the dominating brands. With the Android-powered device Samsung Galaxy, Samsung has started to change the smartphone industry. With the slight decrease in sales in the last few years, Samsung has bounced back and introduced the latest out-of-the-box camera designs. Samsung’s latest phone is Samsung Galaxy M30.

Xiaomi’s sensation:

Xiaomi is the biggest sensation that has changed the smartphone industry totally. From its inception in 2010, it kept growing. Its first phone was Mi2 and the latest one is Mi Note 10. Xiaomi has been the game-changer in the industry and eventually has been the #1 seller in India. In every department, whether it may be a camera or processor or quality or performance it raised bars every year. Xiaomi phones are sold at mid-range prices even with quality features which made customers closer to Xiaomi. Xiaomi has now partnered with Samsung especially to develop the best Camera the customer could ever ask for. Thanks to Xiaomi for letting people feel their phones clicked images look in the same way as a DSLR. Xiaomi’s latest phone is Mi Note 10 which is yet to release in India.

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Oppo and Vivo:

Oppo and Vivo are the two big brands which always targeted in giving a good camera phone at a low cost above all. Above all, they started the revolution of better camera smartphones. Vivo’s latest phone is Vivo X30 Pro 5G which you can get in the nearest outlets. Oppo’s latest phone is Oppo A91.


Once upon a time, the iPhone was the best selling smartphone brand globally. But, after the entry of OnePlus this scenario has changed. Oneplus has been the leading smartphone seller globally because of its design, performance and price range. Right from its first launch OnePlus 1 to latest phone OnePlus 7T, there has been a drastic change in performance but there is no downfall. It continuously increased its standards and eventually stood as the top brand of the industry.

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Realme is a next sensation that has got much hype and it has delivered the expectations. The newest companies have been giving tough competition among which Realme has a major part. It’s sales also increased over the years making it one the tough competitor in the smartphone industry.

Graphs for Smartphones Growth:

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